15 Fast House Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Clean Home

Yes, we know that proper house cleaning is a tough and long task. It even looks harder especially when you have a tight and busy schedule.

So, whenever cleaning day comes around, you get miserable, frustrated, and do not even know where to begin. This is why sometimes you think about hiring a cleaning service to do the job for you.

But wait, don’t hire a cleaning service yet! Read these 15 tips; they will help you to clean your house fast and with ease.

You don’t have to spend long boring hours cleaning.

Furthermore, with these tips, you will have your house sparkling and shiny in little to no time!

1. Top to Bottom Rule
There is a formula for cleaning called the top to bottom rule. With the top to bottom rule, you clean the higher surfaces first and the lower surfaces last. This is because if you vacuum the house first before dusting the shelves, then you will have to vacuum the house again because of the dust which fell off the shelves.

2. Clear the Clutter
This tip is one of the most effective cleaning tips, and it will speed up your house cleaning process. Just grab a laundry basket or a garbage bag and throw all the clutter and things that are out of place inside of it. After you are finished with your cleaning, sort out the clutter bag.

3. Leave the Kitchen for Last
When cleaning, we tend to give the kitchen most of our attention. But leave the kitchen for last and focus on places like the living room or the bedroom first.

4. Spray and Walk Away
Get that favorite cleaning solution that you have; spray it all over your bathroom walls. Leave it to soak and clean another area of the house. When you get back to the bathroom after some time, all you need to do is give the walls a quick rinse and wipe. No scrubbing required!

5. Clean on a Sunny Day
This helps a lot when it comes to cleaning your windows because the sun will dry them quickly. Leave your windows open as well so that fresh air can flow thru the house.

6. Method = Speed
Create a cleaning method. This way, you will know which task to move on to as soon as one is finished. The more you do this, the faster you will get with your cleaning, and the less time you will spend wondering “what else should I clean now.”

7. Distract Yourself from the Boredom
You will work faster if you do not think about how hard the task is. Listen to some music to keep you motivated. This will switch you to work mode, and you will work so fast that you’ll be wondering “wow I’m finished already?!”.

8. Get a Cleaning Partner
Of course, two hands are better than one! Get a cleaning partner, split the work in half and finish twice as fast, rather than doing it on your own. Try to get the kids in on the cleaning or even your other half. Who knows, the task might also be more fun knowing everyone is working together as a team!

9. Schedule your Cleaning Sessions
Scheduling your cleaning sessions will give you time to plan and prepare yourself for what needs to be done. Additionally, it will prevent you from running around like a headless chicken desperately trying to tidy up quickly when you have a few friends or family coming over. Scheduling regular cleaning sessions only make your home tidier and your life easier.

10. Limit Your Movement
Do not run around in circles. Take your time in each area and try not to exhaust yourself before you get any real work done.

11. Do Laundry on Weekdays

Do your laundry during the week to ease your workload. Having piles of dirty clothes everywhere will make you frustrated. If it’s possible, try to get someone else to fold the laundry for you as well, once again “Two hands are better than one.”

12. Get the Right Tools
Using the right tools for the job will make cleaning faster. Invest in some lightweight durable and useful tools. Do some shopping and get your whole equipment kit together.

13. Keep Your Tools in a Caddy
Keep your tools close to you always. A caddy or even a bucket is a great way to tote and keep your supplies organized and close to you while cleaning. Stock your caddy with everything that you need so that you won’t have to run up and down the stairs to fetch extra supplies.

14. Time Yourself
Designate a specific amount of time that you will spend cleaning each room. Doing this will lessen the idle time and make the cleaning faster.

15. Put Away Distractions
It is easy to get distracted when you are doing something that you don’t like doing. Come on, turn that tv off, close the laptop, and put the phone away! Nothing is wrong with listening to a little music just don’t lose your focus by starting to dance so that you will forget all about your house cleaning.

In Summary
See, you do want a cleaning service. House cleaning can be done quickly if you stay focused, stay organized, and try to avoid distractions.




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