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Finding the Best Cleaning Services PHX Has To Offer

When Life Hands You a Mess

It goes without saying that life doesn't always proceed as cleanly as we might hope. Inevitably, dirt and dust particles accumulate. That one smear or stain that you couldn't quite get out becomes two, and soon the neglected work is piling up. Many people, in today's busy modern lifestyle, opt to hire a cleaning service.

Having one's home or apartment cleaned periodically by Maid It Beautiful, such as once per week or twice per month, can go a long way towards ensuring both better health and peace of mind. With our two-earner households, and an increasing abundance of overtime and benefit reductions, many people simply don't have the time to take care of a regular, thorough housecleaning themselves.

The question that frequently gets asked, however, is how to go about finding the best cleaning services; with the abundance of options available, and the range of services provided, are all cleaning services created equal?

The Answer May Shock You... or Not

As with any business, there is an expected average. There is also the occasional gem, and the oddball option – the one that leaves you wondering how they manage to stay in business at all. The goal here is to accept the first, but aim for the second – you want the best cleaning service, after all – while avoiding the third entirely. There's little point to paying someone to clean your home, if you're just going to have to turn around and pay somebody else to finish the job, right?

The Best Cleaning Services

The best cleaning services available tend to share certain traits in common that make them stand out. Some of these may surprise you, as they fall under the auspices of what their services don't cover. It's important to remember that a reliable cleaning service like Maid It Beautiful is fully insured for the job that they provide, and that there are certain things that they cannot do as a result.

Their corresponding unwillingness to provide these services suggests a certain level of responsibility. When it comes to individuals who are going to routinely be allowed to work within your home, around members of your family, qualities like personal responsibility and professionalism are something to be embraced.

Rooms: Most cleaning services tend to offer a basic “package” as to how many rooms they will cover. This is generally something along the lines of a single bathroom, a single bedroom, a kitchen, and a living area. This helps them to ensure that they are being adequately compensated for the time spent by their staff; additional rooms can usually be covered for a modest extra fee.
What to Embrace: Look for a service that is upfront about its costs. They should mention upfront that they offer additional rooms at extra charge, while defining what it is that they cover by default.

What to Watch Out For: Avoid services with an escalating series of packages and no option to add additional rooms on an individual basis. They price accordingly; if their next package up adds a second bedroom and a second bathroom, and you don't have a second bathroom, you're now paying to have an extra bathroom cleaned. That effort won't be carried over into your lone existing bathroom, either.

Cleaning Supplies: A cleaning service should provide their own cleaning supplies, including scrubbers, cleansers, and any equipment necessary (such as a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket, an extension duster, and so forth). By “should provide,” what's meant is that they are generally required to do so through their insurance policies. Cleaning fluids are abrasive, caustic, and dangerous substances; professional cleaning staff are required to maintain control of their inventory at all times, to avoid using cleansers outside of their directed use, and to not use cleaning fluids, machinery, or other supplies which are offered or made available by clients.

What to Embrace: A well-supplied and orderly Maid It Beautiful cleaning professional will have everything they need to do their job properly. They'll have a vacuum. They'll have an extension duster, so they can reach ceiling fan blades which are set at an average height. Their cleansers will be clearly labeled, in either their original or purpose-built reusable bottles (which will also be clearly labeled).

What to Watch Out For: Avoid cleaning services which appear to be poorly stocked or unprepared for the job at hand. A professional cleaner will bring everything they need to finish a job with them. Do not continue to use the services of a cleaning professional who uses unlabeled containers, containers which are obviously refilled with something other than their original contents, or who mixes chemicals of any kind... in fact, that last bit merits a call to their office and immediate dismissal from your property. Do not continue to use the services of a cleaning professional who requests to use your own vacuum cleaner or other gear. At best, this is the sign of an inexperienced, unprofessional, and poorly prepared individual, who isn't serious about doing their job.

Work Undertaken: There are certain things that, for safety reasons, a professional cleaner cannot do. For instance, they can't work with hazardous materials. This includes industrial-strength cleansers, but it also applies to certain potential risks within the home – including mold, rust, and animal waste. Also, a professional cleaner can only clean what they can reach at arm's length; stepladders or standing on furniture is usually out of the question. These are risks which the individual is required to avoid for insurance reasons. If he or she is caught violating their insurance policy, their business could be in serious jeopardy.

What to Embrace: The best cleaning services field professional cleaners who are thorough about their work. They cover all of the areas which they said they would cover, within each of the rooms included in their package. They pay special attention to areas where dirt, dust, and other undesired particles tend to accumulate, and they also focus where you say you've had trouble in the past – after all, they're there to make your home more enjoyable for you!

What to Watch Out For: Cursory jobs; they cover all of the promised rooms, but they don't necessarily apply themselves. There is no sign that they are focusing on any particular area. They make a token effort to cover what they ought to acknowledge as unreachable surfaces by standing on furniture, such as a sofa. They might not be prepared with tools that are capable of reaching surfaces you would expect to have cleaned, such as the blades of a low to average ceiling fan, or the tops of the interior windows of a typical living room.

In Short...

The best cleaning services like Maid It Beautiful are well-prepared, well-supplied, professional, and courteous. They know they're in somebody else's home, and they do their best to complete their jobs without interfering in the homeowner's daily routine – to the best of their abilities. They are responsible, thorough, and show great attention to detail. They are polite, but not overly focused on interesting objects within your house. Ultimately, the most you can do is go with your gut feeling – but if you follow the items on this list, you should have an easier time of figuring out the quality of your service provider in advance.

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Finding the Best Cleaning Services PHX Has To Offer

Why Should You Hire a Maid Service?

A Good, Comfortable, Clean Feeling

Nobody is saying that you're dirty. That's not it at all. The thing is, we live in an increasingly busy world, with an increasing variety of dirt, grit, grime, and other assorted undesirables populating its nooks and crannies. Chances are good that – whether you live in a three-bedroom house, or a one-bedroom apartment – the place that you call home has plenty of nooks and crannies available. And, when they're available, they're going to get filled.

Dust. Dirt, Pollen. Pet dander. The list goes on, but what it amounts to in the end is a collective nightmare for people who enjoy a clean home (that would be almost everybody, for starters). It's even worse for people with chronic respiratory problems, such as allergies or asthma. This kind of accumulation can be a direct threat to their health. It's probably not very good for the rest of us, either; have you ever wondered why these kinds of respiratory problems seem to become more and more common as time goes by?

The Time to Clean

The simple truth is, many of us lack the time to clean. Most people work long hours at their jobs every day. There are plenty of people who work six days per week, or who routinely work overtime – and that's assuming that they don't find themselves doing both. Even within families, everybody works nowadays – and there are other obligations as well. There's school, in many cases. People have second jobs. There are plenty of reasons why many of us simply lack the time to take care of our homes as well as we probably should – and even if it's only the odd spot or corner that we miss, each time we clean? It's going to wind up becoming a larger problem over time.

At the end of the day, we're all tired, if not downright exhausted. You probably just want to watch your favorite TV show, eat dinner, or read a book – and who can blame you? After breaking one's back to provide for one's family all day long, nobody wants to come home and continue working... just so the place looks nice, right before they go to bed, only to get up in a few hours and start the process all over again.

Fortunately, for many of us, there is a surprisingly viable alternative. It is cheaper, quicker, and far less intrusive than you might have been lead to believe: a simple, basic clean of one's house or apartment, by a reliable cleaning service, anywhere from once to twice per month. This will prove to be more than adequate for most people, in terms of dealing with the odd spot where dust and other particles tend to accumulate – or to make sure that the walls and the cabinets are wiped down and clean, or to ensure that nobody's breakfast burrito accident remains caked inside the microwave.

We've all had that happen – right?

An Affordable Alternative

A professional maid service like Maid It Beautiful is a simple and straightforward way to tend to that regularly recurring chore for which you have neither the time, nor the patience – let's face it: if you have time to take care of daily chores, there are a few things that come ahead of “cleaning up” on the list, right? Preparing a nice home-cooked meal, for instance. Coincidentally, of course, most of these things wind up making a mess in and of themselves.

Most professional house cleaners will clean your kitchen, living area, and dining room, however those are arranged. They will usually cover one bedroom and a bathroom (I say “usually” because some of them cover more); in most cases, you can buy additional coverage for a modest fee. This is simply to ensure that the service is earning enough money to justify the time spent. It might sound a little shady, but – as a rule – the rates offered by most companies are more than fair, relative to the cost of their core packages. If you work it out, they're usually about one-half to two-thirds of the cost of what a given room within the overall package would be. Any more than that might be cause for concern.

Responsible and Efficient Professionals

A good housecleaning service employs individuals who take their jobs seriously. They provide their own cleansers, vacuum cleaners, and other necessary supplies. They're upfront about what they will and won't do, what is beyond the scope of their insurance policies, and what they charge extra for. These are all fairly standard across the housecleaning industry, and it leaves room for a great deal of work which will save you time (in the short term) and money (in the long run). It will also contribute greatly to your sense of ease and relaxation in your own home, reduce stress, and provide implicit health benefits that come with the reduced inhalation of dander, dust, and pollen.

Hiring a maid service like Maid It Beautiful involves inviting someone into your home, where you and your family expect a certain amount of privacy and comfort. To that end, the best maid services are efficient and thorough. Their maids are experienced professionals, who know all of the little places where particles tend to accumulate within a house, and who can attend to them accordingly. Maids are usually very courteous, polite, and friendly, without sacrificing professionalism. They're there to do a job, and once it's done they take their leave.

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If you still aren't sure about hiring a maid service, or you don't know where to look to find the best professional cleaning services around, a good place to start would be the local Yelp or other review pages. These are conveniently accessible and quick to register with. Once that's done, you can have a look at the reviews for locally available maid services, and base your selection on what other individuals have had to say about their own related experiences.